World End Economica Chp01 Official English Release on DLSite!

Chapter 1 of the doujin VN World End Economica released on DLSite! (this is not the fan translation by Vexed Scans. This is an official english translation.) They’re pricing it at USD $12.90 or €9.72…. which means all 3 episodes is a combined total of $38.7. Episode 02 and episode 03 are not out in English yet.

The game is written by Isuna Hasekura the LN author of Spice & Wolf. The themes are very similar to Spice, it’s still about economics, but this time it takes place on the moon. 2 episodes of the VN is out in Japan so far, and they’re working on the third (which will be the final episode).

Moreover, the game is being translated into 3 languages: English, Chinese & French. The english and chinese versions are being done by Software Bridgeworks LLC. I looked through some of the translations… while they’re not inaccurate, the english can be rigid at places. Sometimes too literal. I would say it’s about the same level as your average fan translation. (actually the beginning was quite good.)

This is an example I found in the docs near the end of the game:

Translates to:
Thus, as if somehow knowing when exactly to wake up, the both of us woke up at the same time and found that it was just the start of Monday at midnight.
But these may have been fixed for the final release!

You can buy chapter 01 for $12.90 at
I’m not going to upload it. (yet). for political reasons.
If you really can’t afford a copy, message me by email or on the forums and I’ll print one for you.

The french translation of the game is being done by, see this post: []. They’re going to sell it at Japan Expo 2013 (Stand CL04-06) on July 4th, in Paris, along with the French translation of Katawa Shoujo (+ some merchandise). For more information, visit this page.

Some More Examples: 

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  • I think i just found out, this game might require japanese system locale to run…

    why?? it’s supposed to be an official release!

  • By the author of Spice & Wolf ?! That’s very interesting. Unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of Trial/Demo to try before buying. That’s the primary reason preventing me from playing (and, very likely, buying) this one immediately. 🙁

  • I loved Spice&Wolf so I bought this one too but the download speed is killing me. I didn’t buy anything from DLSite before so I don’t know if this is just a temporary problem but the current download speed is totally unacceptable for commercial site (only ~25KB/s and file size for this vn is 508MB). ;(

  • hey i think i remember it was really slow for me as well, but then it eventually ramped up in speed (to about 250kb/s)

    yes it is very ridiculous!

    also i couldn’t use my download accelerator on them either.

  • I have downloaded stuff from DLsite before… generally, I’ve gotten download speeds between ~400 KiB/s and 740 KiB/s (from North America). Guessing it’s either a location issue or so many people are downloading this game that it’s overworking their servers (…yeah right

  • Huh… looks like your site doesn’t like comments with Unicode characters in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane. The rest of my comment was cut off. It was:


  • A bit late… but you may want to update your post.

    We are selling both the English and the French version, but our English version has been fine-tuned compared to the one on DLSite.
    We’ve tweaked the engine so that you don’t have to use the Japanese AppLocale in order to play the game (we had to do that mainly in order to have French accents working…).
    Also, we’ve done some modification to the English translation. It wasn’t redone, but some sentences were adapted or even changed so some reader may find it a bit more smooth (though it’s still using the same translation base).

    If you need some details / whatever, you know where to find me 🙂

  • Sadly, I haven’t used WordPress before, and WordPress’ website doesn’t make it clear what the extent of their support for Unicode is.

    At the very least, you’re certainly not alone:

    Coincidentally enough, the character being referenced (U+275E0), is also in a supplementary plane… this time, the Supplementary Ideographic Plane. It seems that WordPress has issues with any characters in planes other than the Basic Multilingual Plane. It may be a good idea to bump that post just to increase awareness of the issue, since it seems it’s gone ignored.

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