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Android Sundays: Tsukihime


Tsukihime on Android (via VNDS)

Here’s some more Type-Moon Android goodness to enjoy on your tablets/phones.  This time it’s the classic VN Tsukihime coming your way.  This VN is notoriously snubbed due to the character art but — as many will tell you — don’t do it!  It’s an amazing game, and the character art may just grow on you.

Requirements: You’ll need 5 things to get this game on your device:

  • The VNDS Android App (Paid – recommended for saving!) (Free)
  • Three ZIP Downloads from the VNDS Wiki – Please take this link to the VNDS Android Completed downloads page.  Download instructions below.
  • A program like 7-Zip to extract downloaded ZIP archives
  • ~110 MB free space on Android memory or SD card
  • An appropriate cable to transfer the data from your PC to your Android device (cloud services coupled with a storage manager app are also an option, but will not be covered in this tutorial)

Installation Steps:

There will be three sections to this installation process (don’t worry, they’re all easy):

  1. Downloading the game files
  2. Extracting and organizing the files
  3. Creating the Game Folder on your Android device / Transferring

1. Downloading the Game Files

  • Please go to the VNDS Wiki completed Android projects page (link) and scroll down to “Tsukihime”
  • On the far-right column of the wiki are the three ZIP files we need to download: one for High-Res images, one for Scripts, and one for “Other”.  Click any ONE of the three links (Images, Sound/Other, Scripts) to be taken to the download page (you can download all three from the forthcoming page)
  • Now you’re on a Google Doc downloads page.  You should see three download links (,,   Open each of the three zip files in a new tab/window of your browser
  • For each of the three ZIP’s pages, click “File” -> “Download” .  Make sure you note where you’re saving these on your computer! We don’t want them to get lost.
  • Once that’s done, check on your computer that you have all three ZIPs downloaded: 1),  2), 3)

2. Extracting the Files

  • Using 7-Zip or a comparable software, unzip each of these ZIP files into the same folder (or into their own, and then copy and paste them into a common folder)
  • NOTE: Either unzip or copy/paste the BEFORE the  When you’re unzipping/copying the High-Res pack, it will ask you whether or not you want to overwrite the “img.ini” file.  Choose YES.   (aka: you want to use the “img.ini” file bundled with the High Res Pack)
  • You should now have eleven different files in the folder.  Check to make sure you have each of them (no less, no more) for the next step:



Other File Types:

3. Transferring the Files

  • Using a cable, connect your Android device to your PC.  The two should recognize each other, and an “Android Device” should appear in your “My Computer” window.
  • It’s your choice whether to install the game on your device’s internal memory, or on an external SD card.  Navigate to either “Internal Memory” or “SD” (names may be slightly different depending on your device, but one or the other should be apparent when you first open the device from My Computer)
  • Either create or naviagate to (if you’ve previously used VNDS) the following directory path: “Internal storage(orSD)vndsnovelstsukihime”
  • Copy and paste the 11 files on your computer into the “tsukihime” folder you just created on  your Android device
  • Double check that all 11 files copied over (see list above)

As long as you have those 11 files, you should be able to boot up the VNDS app and start playing! Enjoy!


An Important Note about VNDS:

A big “Thank You” to reader neonism who made a few important points on an earlier Android Sunday Post about the limitations of the VNDS app:  many scene transitions, any and all sprite movement, graphic effects, and some movies are incompatible with the VNDS app.  This means that some of the game presentation is lost in the translation process.  If you haven’t played a game before, it’s recommended that you play it first on a PC for the “full effect”.  After that, you won’t be missing the polished touches in the VNDS edition.

That said, everybody has their own tastes:  I, for example, prefer the minimized text display and am willing to trade the zooms/splashes/visual effects which are not rendered in the VNDS edition.  It’s your call. In any case, I hope you enjoy this game.  Thanks for reading!


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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11 years ago

a must for every VN reader.

11 years ago

thx for this tay

11 years ago

what’s the problem if it says ‘Fatal: main. scr doesn’t exist’

Reply to  Aogami
11 years ago

Try redownloading and make sure all the files are correct. Use the “img.ini” from the High Res pack, NOT the “Other” pack. Let me know if that doesn’t work!

11 years ago

As far as I remember, Tsukihime is an Onscripter game. Why recommend VNDS when Onscripter for Android is available? I recently installed Higurashi with it (a much easier install than VNDS, you just copy the game and add a font file), and while I’m not certain if there are any limitations to the engine, I haven’t met any yet, and even if there were any, they are unlikely to be more than those that VNDS has.

I had a similar criticism/question about the FSN post, but since I haven’t gotten Habakiri working yet, I couldn’t speak about that one (though I would still love a post instructing how to run FSN with Habakiri).

Reply to  Fadeway
11 years ago

This is a very fair point. Worry not — Onscripter posts are coming, but I’m still dissecting a few worrysome aspects of the Onscripter app structure, and need to make sure I personally feel comfortable using it on a device before I recommend it to others. A programmer friend and I are looking through that app to make sure we feel comfortable with security/permission details, first.

11 years ago

Thanks for the info. I got it to work yey :). The only drawback is that the vn doesn’t display full screen on my android. The picture is slightly cropped so that there are two black bars on the side of my screen : Other than that everything seems to be working fine.

11 years ago

[…] vreti sa cititi Tsukihime pe Android (in engleza), toate indicatiile de care aveti nevoie sunt aici. Din pacate, daca nu va descurcati, nu avem cum sa va ajutam. Suntem old school in privinta asta […]

10 years ago

Thanks for the tutorial!

Is there a way to unpatch the English from the game? I feel like playing it in Japanese

Download 7zip
10 years ago

At this time it sounds like Drupal is the best blogging platform available right now.

(from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

9 years ago

Link dead 🙁

9 years ago

Late, but the drop box links are dead..Can someone please upload to something else? Thanks and sorry..

8 years ago

thanks for this… i can play it…

7 years ago

Hello, I tried to play Tsukihime on VNDS and followed your instructions on fuwa, but after copying all 11 files onto my device, VNDS could not find the files. Is it because I did not create a directory path? Also, how do I create a directory path? Fate Stay Night worked perfectly and I didn’t do much, all i did was copy everything into my device.